CHD 6800, the compact all-in-one point-of-sale system is easy to setup and intuitive to use. Just switch it on and you are ready to kick start the sales! Life is really that simple!

A complete Point-Of-Sales system – in a single device

CHD6800 miniPOS provides you with all the essential tools: point-of-sales hardware, sales software, configuration utility and data export. The use is intuitive and simple so you can focus on running your shop, restaurant or other business.

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Easy to set up and use

The set-up is seamless: just open the box, switch the CHD6800 miniPOS on and you are ready to start taking sales. We will import your existing products and prices and adding a new one will take just a minute. The all-in-one design ensures there are no extra cables so your checkout point is un-cluttered and neat.

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Need support? We have your back!

Should you need support, we will connect to your machine remotely to resolve the issue. We understand that your business cannot stop, and sales blackouts are not acceptable. In most cases, no need to wait for a technician to arrive or to bring the machine in or for the long phone calls, trying to describe the issue.

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CHD 6800 miniPOS functions

General functions

  • All traditional cash register features
  • Custom PLU set-up with 3 price levels
  • Discount and surcharge for item, subtotal, total
  • Error corrections, Void and Return
  • Transaction and discount void
  • Multiple Tax set -up
  • Your custom logo on receipt
  • Custom receipt’s header/footer set-up
  • Ready to connect with scales and barcode scanners
  • Financial / Department / PLU reports
  • Clerk / Customer reports
  • Hourly / In Drawer reports
  • Automatic Electronical Journal storage
  • Quick back-up and restore
  • Software updates
  • On-screen programming
  • PC-based configurator
  • Kiosk mode
  • Remote TeamViewer access

F&B functions

  • Up to 999 tables
  • Open/close/ split/ transfer tables
  • Up to 4 kitchen printers
  • Receipt print on/off
  • Up to 99 clerks
  • Order numbers
  • Multiple devices on real-time network
  • Training mode
  • Automatic promotions
  • Colorful layouts
  • Unlimited layout configuration

Retail functions

  • Sales mode
  • Multiple clerk profiles
  • Up to 70 000 PLU
  • Up to 10 000 Departments
  • Automatic promotions
  • Discounts
  • Barcode scanner
  • Scales
  • Colorful layouts
  • Unlimited layout configuration

CHD 6800 POS

Designed and built for professionals who demand reliability at the sales point.
- Integrated 58mm printer
- Integrated customer screen
- 10" touch screen
- 100mm/s print speed
- Small compact design
- Wifi/Bluetooth on board
- Optional battery

How to get started?


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Press button "Request" below to send us your details so we can contact you regarding your new CHD6800 miniPOS. Email: , or just call us: 2144 5190


All questions

We will help you with all the questions you might have, to ensure that CHD6800 miniPOS is the right solution for you. And if you wish, you can see a demo at our office.


Its easy
to use CHD6800 miniPOS

Plug in the power, switch the device on and you are ready to start selling, in no time. You can attribute the sales to departments or define products. We can even help you to import your existing price files!