A complete Point-Of-Sales system – in a single device

CHD6800 miniPOS provides you with all the essential tools: point-of-sales hardware, sales software, configuration utility and data export. The use is intuitive and simple so you can focus on running your shop, restaurant or other business.

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Easy to set up and use

The set-up is seamless: just open the box, switch the CHD6800 miniPOS on and you are ready to start taking sales. We will import your existing products and prices and adding a new one will take just a minute. The all-in-one design ensures there are no extra cables so your checkout point is un-cluttered and neat.

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Need support? We have your back!

Should you need support, we will connect to your machine remotely to resolve the issue. We understand that your business cannot stop, and sales blackouts are not acceptable. In most cases, no need to wait for a technician to arrive or to bring the machine in or for the long phone calls, trying to describe the issue.

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Not sure yet? Try it before deciding!

Not ready to commit? Try CHD6800 miniPOS for one month before deciding. If it does not meet your expectations, return the machine and get your money back*. The only question we’ll ask is what we can do to improve our products and service in the future.


* For details, call us or fill in the information request.

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Be on top of your business

How is your business doing today? CHD6800 miniPOS will give you instant information about the results. You can print out tax reports, see which products are the bestsellers, follow the performance of your sales staff, etc. You can print this information directly on CHD6800, read the reports on your PC or analyze them in MS Excel™. Keep the reports for record or share with your accountant and tax authorities.

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Easy to manage your CHD6800 miniPOS

Managing your CHD6800 miniPOS is easy – there are several ways for you to enter products, departments, prices and other important information.
You can use our built-in configuration utility, right from the CHD6800 touch screen. Or, to make the process more efficient, use the PC Configurator running on a computer that is connected to your CHD6800 miniPOS via your local network. The PC Configurator allows you to modify items in bulk, sort and search, import and export product and price information and share it with other CHD6800 miniPOS devices.

To safeguard your information, all your transactions can be saved in Electronic Journal and you can back up the data and configuration to an SD card with just one click.

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Ergonomic on-screen layouts

Colorful, easy to read on-screen layouts ensure efficient, error-free use of your POS system. With CHD6800 miniPOS, you can customize the layouts and create one that works best for you.
Create new buttons on the screen, change the look or function of the existing ones – the intuitive Layout Configurator will let you do that with ease. Simply tap on empty space to add a new button, chose the size, color and function – and you’re done. Add images of products to the buttons to make use of the miniPOS even easier.
Important benefits – intuitive, easy to read layouts increase efficiency, reduce the number of errors and the training time for cashiers.

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Compact yet powerful: CHD6800

CHD6800 has been created with you, our customer in mind. It includes everything you need - a built-in printer with printing speed of 100mm/s and reliability to print more than 100km of receipt length. The system has a large 10” operator touch screen - and a built-in customer display. There are multiple ports to add accessories and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for wireless connectivity. CHD6800 is compact and saves your counter space, yet delivers plenty of processing power for all the required tasks in your business.

With CHD6800, you can rest assured your investment is safe – the hardware is designed for 24/7 operations in tough commercial environments. There are no moving parts inside – hardware is fan-less, therefore completely silent. Such design also increases the lifespan of device.

Are you on the move or work in open air market? We have a solution for you – CHD6800 can be battery-operated. 

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Barcode scanners, scales

Your daily tasks will be easier to perform with the right tools.

To increase your productivity, attach a scanner to CHD6800 and scan the products.

If you have a restaurant or café – use kitchen printers to let your kitchen staff know about the order as soon as it is placed. You can have up to 4 kitchen printers.

If your grocery store sells any goods by weight – connect digital scales to CHD6800 to get the reading automatically.

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